About Us

Mediplus Training Limited

We are a certified American Heart Association (AHA) Training Company based in Nairobi -Kenya currently offering Instructor Led and Blended eLearning Programs for both Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) courses. Come train with us today to upgrade your skills in Emergency Medical Care & Critical Care

Owing to the increasing number of cases of sudden cardiac arrest among the general population, there is need for training on when to, how to and what needs to be done to save life. Basic first aid is a training that is tailored to the general public, basically the non – medical personnel. It is skilled based training that empowers individuals with hands-on technique and life

Savings skills. Basic life support on the hand is training for the medical personnel including the nurses, clinical officers, medical officers and other health care providers within the hospital set up. Basic life support is key and necessary since it determines the outcome of any resuscitation in and out of hospital.

Advanced cardiac life support is a more advanced training that requires more training on use of more advanced machines and medications, therefore is a training tailored for the nurses, medical doctors and clinical officers .

To ensure effective delivery of trainings, we ensure availability of training equipment, experienced and qualified instructors as required by the accrediting bodies; American heart association (AHA) and National resuscitation council of Kenya (NRCK) We strive to adding value to life by maintaining quality training that ensures responders understands the importance of timey response to victims of cardiac/respiratory arrest.

Our Vision

To be a leader in provision of life saving skills in Kenya and beyond

Our Mission

To play a key role in enhancing lifesaving skills to health care providers and the general population and disaster mitigation and preparedness.

Our clients

Bungoma West Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital – Nairobi

KMTC – Nakuru Campus

North Coast Medical College

Oasis Specialist Hospital

Oak Tree Centre

Our Team

Mediplus Training Limited is led by an enthusiastic team of individuals brought together by a common goal of saving lifes.

Why train with us

Our approach is to bring in core values into our training programs for quality outcomes.


We employ industry-standard training procedures to ensure that our programs are helpful and meet situational needs


We are driven by strong believe in honesty and adherence to ethical code of conduct driven by our aim of saving lives.


Our training programs are standardized to ensure coordination of our outcomes and trust in our services.


We strive to ensure time convenience in our training programs to meet the needs and flexibility of our clients.

Want to partner with us?

We excelled to the point we are today because of partnerships. We welcome partnerships that help us to grow and move our lifesaving agenda to the next level of growth.