Mediplus Training Programs for

Non-Medical Personel

Training you to save lives

We train individuals working outside the healthcare industry including groups, individuals clients, corporate clients, and schools.

Group of diverse people in cpr training class

Basic Life Support (BLS)

This training equips medical personnel with skills to recognize an emergency, activate an emergency response system and provide effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation in an event of cardiac arrest.

Man is reaching his hand to push fire alarm hand station

Fire and Safety Training (FS)

This course raises awareness of fire hazards in the workplace and how to act safely in the event of fire situation, including appropriately selecting and using the correct fire extinguisher.

A person getting injured

First Aid Training (FA)

First aid training aims to ensure that medical personnel are able to recognize an emergency provide first aid and activate emergency response system.

Paramedic giving oxygen to injured girl at accident spot

Medical Escort

Mediplus aims to provide medical escort for non- emergency cases to and from Hospitals, to and from airports after or for medical treatment or evaluation.

Babysitter training

Babysitter Training (BST)

This training is tailored to equip children and infants carers with simple, practical skills required to save this population in case of emergencies like chocking.

We're on a mission

We want to play a key role in enhancing lifesaving skills to health care providers and the general population and disaster mitigation and preparedness in Kenya and Beyond

Why train with us

Our approach is to bring in core values into our training programs for quality outcomes.


We employ industry-standard training procedures to ensure that our programs are helpful and meet situational needs


We are driven by strong believe in honesty and adherence to ethical code of conduct driven by our aim of saving lives.


Our training programs are standardized to ensure coordination of our outcomes and trust in our services.


We strive to ensure time convenience in our training programs to meet the needs and flexibility of our clients.

Don't Take Our Word For It

For over 5 Years, Mediplus Training Limited has trained 1000s of medical personnel both at individual and institutional capacity. Our reputation as a quality, client-driven team has helped up grow our portfolio to training with the biggest players in the healthcare industry.

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